Jermo Grundström

Theater Director 

Venus in Furs

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The play "Venus in Furs" is about an audition that takes an unexpected turn. The play examines power dynamics and powerplay. In this story we meet two people both with a drive, both with a goal. It is fast written with a lovely since of humor.

My version of "Venus in Furs" opened in Helsinki at the Kappsäkki theatre  in the autumn of 2018. It was very well received. Getting great response from the audience and got picked up for a tour in 2019. It  will also return to Kappsäkki in the beginning of 2019. 



"A woman's power, mysticism, grace and wit was used, mangled and displayed from many angles with carefully chosen and fast choreograph... And so was a man's."

Teatterin lumoa, kulttuuriblogi (27.12.2018)

"A play has rarely such strong chemistry between the actors as Venus in Fur at Musiikkiteatteri Kappsäkki did. (...) The atmosphere gets more and more tense towards the end until the video projections at the very last scene hit the jackpot."

Me Viisi, elämysblogi (27.10.2018)

"In the end the viewer has to think about the power balance between the sexes in such variety that the whole play feels deceptively fresh and up to date."

Lukupino, kulttuuriblogi (21.10.2018)