Jermo Grundström

Theater Director 

Pohjan Neiti 


In the fall of 2017 we premiered the Opera Pohjan Neiti (Maiden Of the North) in Lahti. The opera is the first ever written in the Finnish language. It takes its story form Finland's national epos Kalevala and is filled with magic, legends and heroes.


On stage, we had the whole Lahden Opera Choir and soloists from all over Finland. Special for this show was that on stage we had a full choir of signers and all soloists also had their own signer playing the role as a signing counterpart. We also worked with a group of four dancers who also worked with several puppets in the show. Overall there were around 50 people on stage.


The opera got well received both by reviewers and audience.  The opera was a part of the Finland 100 years celebrations.  


"The Lahden Ooppera did a heroic act with this piece." Helsingin Sanomat

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