Jermo Grundström

Theater Director 


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This productions was the Finnish premiere of George Brant's play about a pilot that get's grounded and is made a drone pilot against her will. The show is a very strong story about a woman that struggles with her dream taken away from her. Trying to cope with life on the ground. 

In the performance I used 3D projections for the first time as a help to the narrative and subtext (Designed by Toni Haaranen) . I also designed a soundskape to lift the inner and outer world. It was a true pleasure to work with such a strong text and amazing talent. 

The production was very well received and got some great word said about it. It was played at Valtimonteatteri in Helsinki, autumn 2016 


"This small pearl, directed by Jermo Grundström, is wistful, defiant, touching and riotous story that takes a stand."

Paljon Melua Teatterista, Theater Blog


"After Siipirikko ended, the open sky outside feels like a blessing. The director Jermo Grundström has done outstanding work with this Finnish premiere. All the pieces are in their place."

Kujerruksia, Theater Blog


"This is theater at its best! A remarkable text and remarkable direction by Jermo Grundström, showing great trust in the skills of the actor."

Teatterikärpäsen puraisuja, Theater Blog