Jermo Grundström

Theater Director 

Naked Boys Singing 

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Naked boys Singing is a musical revue which has been running Off-Broadway since 1999. The piece has been played around the world and got its Finnish premiere with this production.

The show dares to laugh at manly stereotypes. On stage we had six different kind of guys, all singing the message that we are okay as we are no matter how we look or who we are. The numbers all have a story of its own and the ensemble really embraced and gave heart to a quite literary bare show.  The show had its Finnish premiere Oct 1st 2015 at Kulttuuriareena Gloria (Helsinki) to rave reviews from both audience and critics.  


"This show was pure entertainment, suitable for everyone, no matter your age, sex or sexual orientation. After this exprience nudity can not be a problem anymore."

Paljon melua teatterista, Theater Blog

"The show's a perfect start for an evening out and a perfect conversation starter for the rest of the night. The numbers work perfectly: Some songs were even spiced with local and up-to-date issues, which just made the audience laugh that much harder."

Pilkkuun asti, Theater Blog