Jermo Grundström


Jermo Grundström


I am a Scandinavian Theatre Director based in Helsinki and originally from Sweden. My background in theater is on stage where I have worked for over ten years as a professional with everything from city-theatres to small free groups all over Scandinavia. This has given me a great understanding of the machinery that is theatre both on larger stages as well as on smaller venues.

During the last six years I have had the great pleasure to work as the Artistic Director for The Finnish Music-theater Ensemble which I am also a co:creater of. On 2015 I graduated as a Theatre Director MA from East15 Acting School at The University of Essex and I am currently working as the director for the Swedish Student Theatre in Helsinki. I am also an actively hired director for productions and workshops.

I have directed a large variety of shows, everything from Drama to Musical Theatre

including such known titles as Jonathan Larson's rock musical RENT (in Lahti and Tampere), August Strindberg's Stronger (in London) and Jason Robert Brown's The Last 5 Years (on Finnish tour). I also work a lot with artist training, giving workshops to a full range from beginners to full-scale professionals in the business.

When I was seven my father took me to the theater for the first time. And I loved it. I had struggled with dyslexia, but suddenly the theater had become this magical place where I was able to experience text in a totally new way. It became my biggest passion. It was not only words on paper anymore. The words became alive thanks to the actors who breathed life within these words. And that is something I am still passionately looking for when I direct: Bringing life to words and expressions.

I believe that theater is what you make it and an opportunity created within the walls of a play. My focus is always on the play and the group more than the genre. My work is also greatly influenced by physical theater technics as a tool for expression. Thanks to my vast background in dance and physical expression, I find that the body is our greatest tool to communicate with the audience. I love to work with new people from different point of views and backgrounds as it is a perfect way to challenge and push the boundaries.



The stage is an opportunity.

Jermo Grundström

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