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About me


I am a Scandinavian Theatre Director based in Helsinki. My background in theatre is on stage where I have worked for over ten years as a professional with everything from drama to dance theatre and musicals all over the Nordic countries.


I graduated as a Theatre Director MA from East15 Acting School at The University of Essex and I am currently working as a director and drama instructor all over Finland. My first job when coming back from the UK was as the director for the Swedish Student Theatre in Helsinki. This lead me into the world of teaching and It brought me a further understanding of the work as director. Not only as the man with the vision but as the guide for the production.  

I have directed a large variety of shows, everything from Drama to Musical Theatre

including such known titles as Jonathan Larson's rock musical RENT, August Strindberg's Stronger, Jason Robert Brown's The Last 5 Years and Venus in Furs by David Ives. I love exploring different styles and ways of stage expressions. On the stage there is a world and a story to be told. My job is to find it and to let the actors and the audience live it. 

When I was seven my father took me to the theatre for the first time. And I loved it. I had struggled with dyslexia, but suddenly the theatre had become this magical place where I was able to experience text in a totally new way. It was not only words jumping around on the paper anymore. The words became alive thanks to the actors who breathed life within these words. It made sense.  And that is something I am still passionately looking for when I direct: Bringing life to words and expressions.

My passion in life is meeting people and communications of ideas and thoughts. I think that not agreeing is not the same as not understanding. And that has been my mission to understand and tell stories. My passion is also in the communication between the actors and the audience. As one of my teachers said: Thoughts travel. The experience of it happening here and now - that moment is my inspiration. 

I believe that theatre is what you make it and an opportunity created within the walls of a play. The text is the road map and thanks to my vast background in dance and physical expression, I find that the body is our greatest tool to communicate with the audience. The  magic happens when you combine body and mind.


I have been living in many countries and places and I always have found the  journey is the goal. The people I meet, the food, the ambience. That is inspiration to me. I love to work with new people from different point of views and backgrounds as it is a perfect way to challenge and push the boundaries. The thing that I always try to remind myself of is that theatre like life is what ever we make it. It is a thought made into a possibility.

Jermo Grundström


Jermo Grundström